The Nook Room

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The Nook Room is located upstairs and features a queen-size bed. While the room is a little smaller than the other 3 rooms being a 13’ by 9.4’, it sleeps 2 guests quite comfortably and is also a great choice for those traveling alone or on business! It has a larger private bathroom with a bathtub and shower. From this room you can see both of our koi ponds, waterfalls, and a view of West mountain which is behind our house. Guests are welcome to use the downstairs parlor for more spacious seating. Also included with your stay is free admittance to the Quapaw bath house public pools for two people and 10% off of any of their other services.

Count: 1

Max People: 2



  • Monday - $119.00
  • Tuesday- $119.00
  • Wednesday - $119.00
  • Thursday - $119.00
  • Friday - $129.00
  • Saturday - $129.00
  • Sunday - $119.00

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If the dates are whited out, the room is unavailable at that time.

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